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Chop it off

Interview with an Italian MP (from Forza Italia, Berlusconi's party). Here is a quick translation (slightly condensed, but as faithful as I could make it).

La Repubblica is neither the Onion nor a tabloid, it's one of the main Italian dailies, so I assume the interview transcript is on the whole faithful.

Vladimir Luxuria (born Vladimiro Guadagno) is an MtF transgender communist MP.

Elisabetta Gardini is telling about meeting Vladimir Luxuria in the ladies' room in the Parliament.

Elisabetta Gardini: "I'd just opened the door, and Oh My God..."
Antonello Caporale (La Repubblica newspaper): Oh My God what?
"I see that bloke coming out of the toilet."
"Sìììììì[1], listen it was terrible. I felt like I was fainting."
Fainting how?
Enervated, even.
"Raped. That's it, raped."
Onorevole[2], now you should relax.
"I thought the problem with the Onorevole Guadagno..."
...Vladimir Luxuria.
"I call him like the Speaker of the House calls him: Onorevole Guadagno Vladimiro."
Calm down, call him as you prefer.
"God, God."
One must keep one's cool at delicate times like this.
"I was convinced they had found a solution."
What solution?
"What do I know! They tell me that in some gyms they've installed toilets for those like him. This Palace is full of toilets, they should find one for him."
Luxuria perceives herself entirely as a woman
"He should get his dick[3] chopped off. Chop it off, then he can come into the ladies' toilet. Why doesn't he do it?"
Onorevole Giardini.
Talking to you is a bit embarrassing.
"It was a disgusting thing. Physiological, not psychological."
Promise you won't take it badly?
"I promise"
You look hysterical.
"Disgusted. I even had physical difficulties in restraining myself in that toilet."
Oh well.
[The interview continues, but it changes topic.]

Translator's notes:
[1] Means yes, but I can't convey the rising shrill tone of disbelief in English. It's a very typical expression in Italian, only used by women.
[2] That's how you address an Italian MP. Doesn't sound quite as pompous as "right honourable", though the meaning is the same.
[3] "Pisello" (literally pea-pod) is milder and somewhat cutesier than "dick", but I don't know an English word with quite the same feel.
[4] "Chop it off", but in a kind of exasperated sing-song tone which I can't convey in English.
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